The Medi Flight Advantage

MediFlight is the critical care air medical transport service at OU Medical Center. Utilizing two EC-130 helicopters to provide the highest level of care available, MediFlight supports The Children's Hospital at OU Medical Center and Oklahoma's only Level I Trauma Center housed inside OU Medical Center.

The MediFlight EC-130 Helicopters - the world's first EC-130s configured for use in emergency medical transport:

· Computerized technology for quicker starts and shutdowns

· Superior engine performance and average air speed of 145mph for shorter transport times

· Climate controlled cabin for patient comfort

· Large cabin interior for greater patient access

· Fenestrated tail rotor for increased safety and quieter operation

· GPS technology for continuous aircraft tracking and accurate en route times

· Liquid Oxygen delivery system

Aviation Department:

· Staffed by an experienced crew of eight pilots and three mechanics

· Pilot experience averages 20 years of rotor wing time and nine years of EMS flight time

· This experience enhances all aspects of customer service, from safety to accurate en route times

The MediFlight Crew:

· A key component of the OU Medical Center trauma service · Nurses have an average of ten years critical care experience and eight years flight team experience

· Practices under nationally established protocols for the care of critically ill and injured neonate, pediatric and adult patients

· Training covers all aspects of care and is competency based

· Monthly case reviews, with staff and medical director, ensure that patient care meets or exceeds national standards

The MediFlight Crew is divided into Specialty Care Teams:

· The Pediatric/Adult Team provides critical care transport for all trauma patients and for patients with medical emergencies two years of age and older

· The Pediatric/Adult Team is staffed with Flight Nurses and Flight Paramedics · The Neonatal Team provides critical care transport for all high-risk newborns and children with medical emergencies up to two years of age

· The Neonatal Team is staffed with Neonatal Nurse Practitioners and RN/EMT's

· The Neonate Team has the only transport INO therapy available in Oklahoma

· The Neonate Team can provide Prostaglandin infusions for ductal dependant cardiac lesions

Air Medical Communications Center:

· Sophisticated equipment and technology to identify scene locations, produce accurate en route times, and generate latitude and longitude information

· Communication links between the flight team and medical control physicians

Medical Control:

· John Nalagan, MD, is the Medical Director for MediFlight

· MediFlight has medical control physicians available 24 hours a day · Monthly case reviews ensure the highest level of patient care